Florent Moutti


2006-2007 etching master classes with Michel Vilage “Ateliers des Beaux-arts”  Montparnasse-Paris
2002-2006 painting master-classes wit Didier Piketty “Ateliers des Beaux-arts” Montparnasse-Paris
2001 drawing master-classes “Ateliers des Beaux-arts” Montparnasse-Paris
1998 art’s school in E.P.S.A.A. (Ecole Professionelle Superieure d’Arts et d’Architecture of Paris)
1993-1996 Bac in arts series in Seine-et-Marne

Painting, traveling and share.
I started traveling at 18, going through all Canada alone by hitchhiking, after it was India, Eastern Europe, and now I focused my attention in East-Siberia (Yakoutia). But it is also here, in Paris, everywhere around.  I use to sketch during the travels and during daily life.  Human beings always fascinate me.

I started painting 6 years ago at Mr. Piketty’s workshop.  I realized how the colors work together and how much we can play with it: a never-ending exercise.  Little by little I discovered that the strength of a painting is as much in the forms as in the touch.  It is important for me to paint with the mode and catch in few only a few moments the main characteristics.

I started the series of portraits after a question of “French identity” and racism around me, immigration trouble, the place of the stranger in our mind….
I paint portraits of French “colored” people and develop to all kind of frenches who live around me, just to say how lucky we are to live between so many different cultures, to say that today a French is not a white skinned man with at least 200 hundred years of old family who lived on the territory.

Patterns used to represent the attaché of a tribe signs to recognize where you come from.  For the work on “French National Identity” I have selected the “Toile de Jouy”, a classical French pattern created in 1769 approximately in the same time of the French Nation, between the end of monarchies and beginning of democracy.  Sometimes I covered the patterns and sometimes I let the patterns show through the face to express the place of national identity on the individual identity creating a “metissage”.