An Eye on Music 1982-2007
There, under my eyes, James Brown’s dická
This book talks about many various music styles: punk, rock, new-wave, electro, metal, hip-hop, french music and anything and everything that appealed to the author’s eye while toting his camera around to various concerts. Some of the many artists found within the book are: The Cure, David Bowie, James Brown, Joe Strummer, Fela Kuti, La Ferra, Radiohead, Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, Kylie Minogue, or My Bloody Valentine.

His Shots and stories derive from tour vans, concert stages, meetings and more!  The photos are a testimony of the visceral link between the music and it’s author.

A glimpse at the music
The book contains 260 pages, weighs 70 ounces and presents 375 color or black and white pictures.  The book dimensions are 10 x 12 inches (to give one a better idea of the format, the book opened would be the approximate size of two legs stuck together on a couch).  Released in 2007, An eye on Music was self published and self financed.  It can be ordered exclusively at for 65 euros (approximately 90 dollars).

About the author
Richard Bellia lives in Lyon, France and works as a columnist for Rock&Folk magazine.  In addition, he contributes his talents as a reporter on the TV channel ARTE Culture.

Critics rave with great enthusiasm
A beautiful object in which you can find Robert Smith with no make up on, the Chemical Brothers in a pharmacy, Morrissey during his golden years and a Ramone getting a blowjob.  Alice Gáraud Libáration (November, 07)

A beautiful piece of work, Magnificent pictures and extremely powerful AFP  (November, 07)

Luxuriousé Emmanuel Tellier Telerama (December, 07)

Classic shots A state of the art book which brings not only beautiful images but also transmits the bliss and joy which proceed from creating them. Eric Dahan Blast (January, 08)

A great documental record, but also an admirable artistic success. François Barras 24 Heures (February, 08)

Unusual perspective, unbending morale and a great writing finesse allow the raw and acidic story of the musical legends to live on.  A great pleasure to have read.  Pulsomatic (February, 08)

Commented portfolio on the French magazine Telerama

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