December 12, 2008

Founding editor of the New Arts Examiner Derek Guthrie, Bridge Art Fair founder and director Michael Workman, famed political consultant Don Rose and artist David Gista (bio) will be featured at a thought provoking discussion on whether or not Chicago Art: Is it Dead or Alive? at the international art gallery and policy salon, Th!nkArt. Th!nkArt director, Laurie R. Glenn will moderate the panel.

This much anticipated dialogue will be held during a holiday reception for emerging Paris based Artist Florent Moutti’s exhibition entitled Faces: A Question of Identity, The Changing Face of France. Moutti has created a series of portraits painted on canvasses made of traditional French cloth, juxtaposed with multi-ethnic and multi-racial faces. The exhibition reflects the changing landscape and face of France today, and also raises the question around national identity for all of us.

Participants Include:

  • Derek Guthrie, founding ed. of the New Arts Examiner
  • Don Rose, political consultant
  • Michael Workman, founder and director, Bridge Art Fair
  • David Gista, artist
  • Laurie R. Glenn, Director of Th!nkArt