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The World In My Eye.  Once, some years ago, a friend and I were talking.  I told her that I have never felt myself to identify completely with one ethnic lineage, being Danish, Norwegian, German, English and Swiss, in other words, an American Mutt.  At the time, I felt a need to belong somewhere. My friend, who happened to be a therapist by trade, asked me if I feel at home almost anywhere.  I answered that actually, I do feel at home wherever I travel.  She pronounced me a Citizen of the World (une citoyenne du monde), and I immediately felt better.  If indeed I am a citizen of wherever I am at the moment, it would explain why I have a continued love affair with travel, and particularly to travel accompanied by mass quantities of Nikon and Contax equipment.

Not being one to pursue classic scenes or famous vistas, I like to think of my work as postcards from my internal dialogue, memoria of moments I have shared with no one save my camera.  Photographers are a solitary lot in general, preferring to create in silence and seclusion, and I am no exception.  We all know the feeling of traipsing along with tired feet, aching shoulders, and a Mona Lisa smile on our face, knowing that within the camera weighing down our shoulders there is magic – that the things we saw have been captured and our own personal vision can be shared with others, once we get back to home base and start printing.

I am what I see.  I am what I photograph.  I invite you to travel with me as you study these images; to go where I went and see what I saw.  Friedrich Nietzsche said “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”  I do not imply that these images are great art, or even beautiful art, but I do know that I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to see things as I do, and to make images that allow me to share what I have seen with anyone who cares to look.